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Over the years, DMG Computer has had hundreds of clients for various services. From website design and database development, to wireless networking and computer repair, our clients return time and time again for outstanding services, low prices, and unparalleled support. Now you can read some reasons why, as you will find some client testimonials below.



Dear Dave,

Thank you for your excellent work redesigning and optimizing my website. I used one IT company after another until I found you. The legal community is competitive and I am truly grateful for your efforts to improve our on-line presence. And thank you, also, for the many times you have remotely fixed my computer. You are a trusted resource.

Very truly,

John W. Little, Esq
Royal Oak, MI 48067



I was looking for a knowledgeable, dependable company to develop a web site for Aquapure Technologies. We deal with some massive companies so I needed a high quality web design. I was inexperienced and did not know how to go about getting this accomplished. I would be very dependent on the web designing company to lead me through this process. After doing some investigation, I decided to have DMG Computer do the design for us.

I supplied the text and Mr. Glaeser and his team took care of finding and organizing the pictures, setting tabs, designing in links to other sister web pages and completed it all in a narrow time frame. I am very satisfied with the service and professional appearance of the completed product and have received compliments from many who have viewed it. I have recommended DMG computer to other business associates and they too have been equally pleased.

If you desire a professional web site that you can be proud of, completed in a timely manner while working with true professionals, I recommend DMG Computer.


Max McKay
Aquapure Technologies
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

http://www.thinkaquapure.com  – Ohio Water Treatment Systems



Hi, Dave –

It has been a pleasure working with you. Thanks for your rapid and excellent work that produced a great looking website for our business in under three weeks!!

The website designer we had originally contracted took 3 months just to send us a single page design that was nothing more than a picture of someone else’s home page with our logo pasted on it. When I asked them to return my deposit, they rambled on about how difficult building a website could be and how long it could take. Wish I could have been there to see their faces when I told them you had completed the same website project I gave them in less than three weeks. (They still haven’t decided to refund my deposit.)

It’s been a real pleasure working with you, Dave. Please use us as a reference because we won’t be shy about telling people what a great job you do, and what a pleasure it is to work with you.

Best regards,

– –
Skip Normand – Normand & Associates




DMG Computer has been a perfect resource for my company. I appreciated David’s ability to grasp my needs as he developed a new website for us. His design skills are excellent and he is able to maintain the site efficiently. We have also relied on DMG Computer’s technical support to keep our office running. They have very capably kept all of our computers working, and installed a whole set of new computers with ease. DMG Computer makes every effort to be available when we need support (especially at odd hours), and that has been critical to keep our business going.

– –
Linda Hodgdon – QuirkRoberts Publishing

http://www.quirkroberts.com – http://www.autismstuff.com



Top-notch computer services! DMG Computer has provided excellent computer support to us. DMG Computer’s staff is knowledgeable, efficient and very available when we need them. They frequently respond to SOS phone calls or emails within one day. They are pleasant to work with and always willing to do whatever they can to accommodate our needs. I would highly recommend DMG Computer. Investing in quality computer equipment is worthwhile, but having excellent computer support is priceless!

– –
Joann Twigg – Computer Dept.
QuirkRoberts Publishing

http://www.quirkroberts.com – http://www.autismstuff.com